Arts Management MA

Put Your Passion For Arts To Work

Your experience in the Arts Management program will begin with Seminar in Arts Management. This core course will provide an overview of trends and contemporary issues in the field, as well as an orientation into arts and academic resources to support your graduate work.

Course Plan for MA Arts Management

Core Courses

Get the foundational knowledge in key management areas that you will oversee throughout your career. While some core courses focus on the key theories and history around the development of arts and management best practices, others delve into the technical nature of such skills as:

For a full listing of core courses see the program catalog.


Our mix of 3-credit and 1-credit elective courses offered each semester allow you to personalize your education and professional development around specific career interests in the arts. Examples of elective offerings include focuses in such areas as:

In addition to our rotating elective offerings, you can work individually with faculty in an independent study around your specific interests. You can also select an additional 3-credit internship experience after completing the initial internship requirement.

For a full listing of core courses see the program catalog.


Our 126-hour internship requirement transforms theory into practice, giving you the knowledge, skills, and judgment to advance in visual and performing arts organizations.

Read the Internship Guide, MA in Arts Management.

Your experience will provide opportunities to network locally within Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia creative communities. National and international internship opportunities are also an option and encouraged. Many of our students have gone on to work with the arts organizations with whom they interned.


You'll complete your program with a capstone project, in which you'll demonstrate expertise in a specific area of arts management. Faculty will provide guidance and feedback on your topic.

The project will culminate in a final paper and public presentation.