Dual Art History/Arts Management MA

Prepare for a career in an art museum or gallery by complimenting your practical management skills with deep art historical research.

If you want to work in art museum and gallery education, administration, or curatorial offices, get there faster with the dual degree in Arts Management and Art History. 

A major benefit of pursuing the Dual M.A. Degree is that it saves you time and tuition. You will be able to complete your degree with 51 credits as opposed to 66 credits if you were to pursue each degree separately.

Qualifying MA Art History courses   Qualifying Arts Management courses
ARTH 601 Colloquium in Art History   AMGT 601 Fundraising/Development
ARTH 594 The Museum   AMGT 602 Seminar in Arts Management
ARTH 699 “Curating an Exhibition”   AMGT 604 Public Relations and Marketing Strategies for the Arts
Other courses in consultation with your advisor.   AMGT 710 Arts Policy
    Other courses in consultation with your advisor.

We advise students to contact the Arts Management Program Office for guidance and advice before submitting an application. 

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Arts Management Background Image
The dual-degree MA in Art History and Arts Management sets students up for success in the visual arts field with the practicality of arts management as well as the expertise of an art historian.

Admission Requirements*

  • Students are not eligible to pursue two master’s degrees until they have completed one semester in their initial master’s program.
  • You must submit a full admissions application for both programs.
  • You must apply and be accepted to the second master’s degree within one year of matriculation in the initial program.
  • A restricted number of credits may be shared across dual degree programs, according to University Policy 3007.
  • You must submit an Individualized Dual Master’s Degree Program of Study form, approved by directors of both programs, to the Office of the University Registrar upon matriculation in the second program.

*Students must apply and be accepted to both programs. This process may be done after partial completion of the first program.