Meet Our Alumni

Meet Our Alumni

  • Tanya Dieudonné

    2020, Arts Management, MA

    Why did you choose Arts Management at Mason?    I began my research of this program five years ago when I was still planning out my future career goals and wondering if I want to further my education. I remember applying for the program back in 2018 and receiving the acceptance after my work shift at Target. What caught my attention with the Arts Management program was unique courses, and how each one of these courses was dedicated to the students to go ventured into the DC area and explore an arts organization.  
  • Natalie Gelbvaks

    2020, Arts Management, MA

    Natalie Gelbvaks is a graduate student at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, pursuing her master’s degree in Arts Management. Born in Beer-Sheva, Israel she relocated to Brazil at 6 years old where she was raised and obtained her high school diploma at A.Liessin Scholem Aleichem and Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).
  • Christine Papaniclou
    Christine Papaniclou is a first generation American with parents from Greece and Hong Kong. She has her MFA in painting and critical theory from Central Saint Martins in London.