Museums and the Visual Arts: Responding to Covid


Museums and the Visual Arts: Responding to Covid

Save the date for the upcoming AMGT panel! Museums and the Visual Arts: Responding to Covid will take place on Monday, February 21st at 6:00pm.

Interested in hearing how museums are protecting their staff and their public? What does the art market look like as international fairs are cancelled or scaled down? What’s it like to start your job as Director of a nonprofit art space on the very day the world starts shutting down? Come listen to three amazing arts leaders talk about how their jobs have changed because of Covid, what practices are temporary and which ones are here to stay. Featuring Jaynelle Hazard (Executive Director, Tephra ICA, Caitlin Berry (Founder and Principle, Caitlin Berry Fine Art), and Shanita Brackett (Associate Director for Operations at NMAAHC).

This is a virtual event with registration available through Eventbrite, sent via GMU student email. 


Claire Huschle: The founder and director of Scaffold, LLC, a project support firm for artists and arts organizations. Her diverse portfolio of projects and collaborations includes those with the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, Hamiltonian Artists, the Urban Soils Institute, and Insight Property Group, among others. Her work with individual artists includes identifying funding and residency opportunities, grant writing, and budgeting and business support.

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Jaynelle Hazard: The Executive Director and Curator of Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA) where she builds a critically engaged practice by introducing methods to advance scholarship; extend reach in interdisciplinary experimentation of contemporary art and ideas; and engage audiences of all backgrounds and identities.

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Caitlin Berry: A champion of creative culture. She has extensive expertise in Washington Color School, Mid-century African American, Post-War American, and Contemporary art. She is deeply connected to the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland art communities and currently lives in the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington, VA. Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative.

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Shanita Brackett: Shanita Brackett is the Associate Director of Operations at the National Museum of African American History and Culture of the Smithsonian Institution. As an executive leader, she is responsible for overseeing administrative and financial functions, including resources and program initiatives, to ensure a safe and continuous operation during the complexity of a global health pandemic for staff, affiliated staff, and visitors. Shanita also provides strategic planning and leadership for human resources, finance and procurement, information technology, business programs, facilities and building maintenance, safety, and emergency planning to ensure museum programs and resources align with the Smithsonian's 5-year strategic plan.

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