Natalie Gelbvaks

Natalie Gelbvaks
Titles and Organizations

2020, Arts Management, MA


Tell us about yourself.

Natalie Gelbvaks is a graduate student at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, pursuing her master’s degree in Arts Management. Born in Beer-Sheva, Israel she relocated to Brazil at 6 years old where she was raised and obtained her high school diploma at A.Liessin Scholem Aleichem and Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Why did you choose Arts Management at Mason?

I have always been passionate about the Arts, specifically the performing arts, and I had opportunities back in Brazil to perform with choirs, Musical Theatre and solo. However, I also have always enjoyed the behind the scenes of the arts, making me want to study Arts Management to gain more knowledge about the field. The reason I have chosen Mason was because when I came to visit the University I could see myself here. Also, I was amazed by all the art in D.C and thought it would be great to learn about Arts Management in this location. 

What makes you passionate about the arts?

I believe the arts have many "powers". To heal, to engage, to give some piece to people. For me, personally, that's what singing is. It helps me to breathe better, have a better posture and feel happy! I love going to a concert and see the audience singing along to the singers, for example. I believe this is the power arts have, it just makes us feel better.

What area of arts management are you interested in and why? 

I really enjoy marketing for the arts, producing and event planning. I believe those roles require good communication skills, being outgoing, being proactive, having a good time management and I believe I could be good at it. It would be fun to use creativity on a daily-basis.

What is your favorite art activity in the area and why?

Singing and seeing other people sing. I have been studying singing for 10 years and I absolutely love it! I have always loved musicals and that's the reason I decided to study singing, because I wanted to sing like the Disney princesses. Overall, it really makes me happy. I used to love doing my classes first thing in the morning because I knew the rest of my day would be awesome because my energy was so high!.

What was a favorite project or class you had and why?

A favorite project was a Marketing assignment. I had to do a Marketing plan for the musical "The Band's visit". It was really special because first of all, it's a musical and I love it. Second of all, the story is set in Israel, where I was born and they even speak and sing in Hebrew a little bit. The ironic part is that I chose it randomly, out of a basket, and I got this one. It was perfect for me.