Tanya Dieudonné

Tanya Dieudonné
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2020, Arts Management, MA

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2020, Arts Management, MA


Why did you choose Arts Management at Mason?   

I began my research of this program five years ago when I was still planning out my future career goals and wondering if I want to further my education. I remember applying for the program back in 2018 and receiving the acceptance after my work shift at Target. What caught my attention with the Arts Management program was unique courses, and how each one of these courses was dedicated to the students to go ventured into the DC area and explore an arts organization.  

What makes you passionate about the arts?  

I have always been passionate about the arts (both visual and performing). Although, my art experience flourish when I first visited the Ringling Museum with my art history class at Florida Southwestern State College, where I was fascinated by the elaborate artworks from the European artists like Artemisia Gentileschi and Peter Paul Reubens. Just seeing artworks from the Renaissance to the Early Modern, and learning about the different art techniques over the years has piqued my interest.   

What area of arts management are you interested in and why?  

The area of arts management that is interesting to me are development and fundraising, and special events. With development and fundraising, you get to understand the pyramid of giving and what certain fundraising methods would be beneficial for your organization, also cultivating a relationship with donors. And with special events, you will be able to apply the practices to coordinate a well-rounded event and tackle the challenges to accommodate the guest.   

What is your favorite art activity in the area and why?  

My favorite art activity would have to be attending the First Friday at Dupont Circle because you can visit galleries in the area and view artworks from local or international arts. Also, the event is a perfect way to network.   

What was a favorite project or class you had and why?  

My favorite project or class would have to the Festival and Tourism class with Dr. Karalee Dawn McKay. Her class was so exciting because you get the opportunity to attend events like the annual Scottish festival. Furthermore, we got to have a meeting with a representative at the European Union Embassay and volunteer at one or several local arts organization’s events for our final project. It was also at this class where Dr. McKay would discuss the Ireland study abroad trip for the summer of 2020 in which I will be attending as my final course with the Arts Management program.   

About Tanya:  

Tanya is originally from Port Charlotte, Florida, where she did most of her education and participated in various organizations. Florida Southwestern State College was where she received her Associate’s in Arts degree and held officer positions in the Student Government Association and Delta Psi Omega (Theater Production), also worked as a student ambassador for the college. She then transferred to the University of South Florida to obtain her Bachelor’s in Humanities degree with a minor in Classics while engaging in organizations like Humanities & Cultural Studies Organization and USF Quidditch sports team. During her studies, Tanya had the opportunity to study abroad in the summer of 2014 to London and Paris on political culture.  

In 2018, Tanya got accepted into the Arts Management graduate program at George Mason University and will be finishing her graduate studies in Spring 2020. During her arts management journey, she has volunteered twice at Arts By George event and intern in the summer of 2019 at Provisions/Mason Exhibition with the university curator, Donald Russell, as a gallery exhibition intern. Also, she is involved with organizations like  Mason Mural Brigade and Arts Administrators of Color Network. Lastly, she became the graduate research assistant for Fenwick Gallery to improve her curatorial skills by assisting the gallery manager in working closely with local artists and the fine arts students of the university to curate their artworks.