Christina Papaniclou

Christine Papaniclou


Tell us about yourself.

I am a first generation American with parents from Greece and Hong Kong. I have my MFA in painting and critical theory from Central Saint Martins in London. I have lived in New York City for most of my life where I founded E.TAY Gallery, a contemporary art space for recent graduate students.   

Why did you choose Arts Management at Mason?  

I chose Arts Management at Mason because I wanted to pivot my career towards a nonprofit mission. After teaching myself the basics of running a gallery, I was inspired to go back to school to gain practical knowledge in budgeting, marketing, and development. Mason's course descriptions seemed to fit that mold.   

What makes you passionate about the arts?  

I could never imagine my life without being immersed in the arts. I was voted "most artistic" in my high school yearbook, and then went on to receive my undergraduate degree in Studio Art. I have always surrounded myself with artists because we are able to respond to, influence, and uplift society in a way that no other sector or industry can.   

What area of arts management are you interested in and why?  

I am interested in project management or exhibition coordination for the visual arts. I love working with artists directly to help them achieve their vision and goals.  

What is your favorite art activity in the area and why?  

My current favorite art activity relates to a project I am working on outside of school. I help an artist coordinate public dialogues that address the intersection between artistic practice and activism. At these events, we invite local grassroots activist organizations to mingle with our crowd to inspire action towards social justice issues.   

What was a favorite project or class you've had and why?  

My favorite class was Museum Management with Professor Claire Huschle. It was a summer course in which we discussed contemporary issues within the sector. We had to opportunity to visit several museums and meet professionals in the field. Some of the museums we visited were The National Museum of the American Indian, the Hirschhorn, and Glenstone. This course inspired my Capstone project, which focuses on what it means to "decolonize" a museum.